In 2019, the group had 5,738 projects and initiatives, bringing the benefit of VND 1,067 billion. In 2020, 6,709 initiatives brought home about VND 1,229 billion. In 2021, the number increased to 7,103 initiatives with the benefit of VND 1,300 billion. This year, so far, they have had 4,713 initiatives, bringing VND 1,299 billion benefit.

Especially, many of them have bagged awards in national and international competitions, while being recognized for intellectual property, with domestic and international exclusive patents.

The delegation of the Military Creative Youth Award Council works with Viettel.

In addition, the group’s affiliated units have well implemented dissemination work for all youths on the importance of making and applying initiatives and projects, encouraged them to join the program while hailing outstanding high-quality projects.

In 2020, Viettel’s 10 projects and six initiatives were selected to the 21st Whole Military Creative Youth Award. Among them, four were awarded with one first, one second, and two consolation prizes. All of the initiatives and projects have been implemented and applied to reality, bringing the benefit of billions of VND to the group.

Especially, the first-prize project has been put into practice since 2019 and recognized for its intellectual property, patented, and has now been developed. Meanwhile, the work that won the second prize has also been recognized for its intellectual property. Every year, after receiving awards, relevant organs promptly learn from experience and re-evaluate to better perform in following years’ events.

Viettel representatives introducing their projects

In 2021, the council evaluated and selected five projects and six initiatives to the 22nd Whole Military Creative Youth Award. The submitted projects and initiatives have been approved and applied to the reality inside and outside the military.

During the working session, the delegation of the Military Creative Youth Award Council also highly appreciated the group’s task performance in participating in the award with high-quality projects while acknowledging its recommendations to report to functional units so as to raise the quality of the award.

Translated by Minh Anh