18,329 mobile subscribers have been blocked. (Photo for illustration)

Specifically, in July and August, these telecoms companies applied technical measures to detect mobile subscribers being suspected of spreading spam calls. They also conducted call authentication by collecting feedback from consumers to detect mobile subscribers spreading spam calls and blocked them.

For two months, Viettel Group blocked ninety percent of the aforementioned blocked mobile subscribers spreading spam calls. With its effective spam call blocking, Viettel Group has confirmed its commitment to protecting its consumers’ rights.

In the past time, as the Authority of Telecommunications said, consumers-harassing calls (spam calls), and robocalls that hinder and badly affect people’s life and work were on the rise. Spam calls often advertise real estate, apartments, condotels, insurance, financial services, English learning, and more.

Therefore, according to the three telecoms giants, to effectively block spam calls, mobile users who receive spam calls should cooperate with network providers to complete the authentication process.

Translated by Chung Anh