General Tien is head of the survey team No.1, the editorial team of the project “Revision of the 10 years of implementing the resolution of the eighth session of the 11th Party Central Committee on Fatherland protection strategy in the new situation.”

Sr. Lt. Gen. Ngo Minh Tien addresses the working session.

At the working session, Major General Nguyen Dinh Chien, Viettel Group’s Deputy General Director, reported that the group’s Party Committee has embraced the resolution, led its affiliates to equip their Party committees, chains-of-command, cadres, Party members, and employees with the viewpoints, guidelines, and missions regulated in the resolution. As a result, they have promoted their responsibilities, conducted business and production activities in combination with ensuring defense and security posture, contributing to safeguarding the Fatherland.

Maj. Gen. Nguyen Dinh Chien delivers a report at the event.

Notably, the group has constantly invested in building and developing telecommunications network, information technology, technical infrastructure, enabling it to do research, test, and produce more high-tech materiel and telecommunications network infrastructure equipment.

Over the past years, Viettel Group has mastered tools to monitor, manage and operate in cyberspace to protect users, systems, and national digital sovereignty against malicious information. It has also taken the lead in digital transformation, contributing to creating a digital society in Vietnam through its numerous national-scale projects. In addition, it has well performed its duties of researching and producing hi-tech industrial products and weapons, and other cyber space, cyber security-related products to serve the implementation of defense and security, and Fatherland protection tasks.

Participants at the meeting

Apart from business and production activities, the group has also strictly maintained military training sessions, and observed combat readiness posture according to set plans and programs.

Attentively, through its business and production activities in overseas markets, Viettel Group has acted as a friendship bridge on cultural-economic cooperation between Vietnam and other countries, thereby improving Vietnam’s position and prestige in the international arena and effectively realizing the strategy of safeguarding the Fatherland from afar.

The group has actively engaged in the Ministry of National Defense’s international cooperation programs and activities, contributing to its improvement in hi-tech materiel research and production capacity.

Concluding the meeting, General Tien confirmed that Viettel Group has over the past time effectively combined economic development with defense and security assurance and shown its special vanguard role in mountainous and remote areas.

General Tien asked the group’s Party Committee to take notes of opinions, complete the report on the realization of the resolution focusing on clarifying the group’s strategic issues and core values based on its six missions, and solutions. 

He also requested the group’s cadres and employees to continue embracing viewpoints, mottos, goals, missions, and solutions defined in the resolution to raise their awareness of and responsibilities for protecting the Fatherland in the new situation.

Translated by Mai Huong