Delegates in a joint photo in front of the Truong Sa sovereignty landmark

After a ten-day voyage on Ship KN-491, the delegation arrived in the archipelago and inquired after and offered gifts to islanders and troops.

The delegation was not able to visit all islands of the archipelago due to high waves. At each stop, they sent gifts from the mainland with warm greetings.

During the visits to the islands, the delegation took part in several activities such as a flag salute ceremony, incense offering at Truong Sa Martyrs’ Cemetery, a visit to Uncle Ho’s Memorial House, cultural exchanges, and so on.

At the concluding ceremony for the mission, 15 outstanding art works created during the voyage were honored. In addition, the Navy handed over 28 insignias of “For the protection of national maritime sovereignty” and 160 badges of “Truong Sa soldiers” to delegates of the mission.

Translated by Trung Thanh