Accordingly, at 11:30 on July 10, a fishing boat numbered KG 91321TS with nine fishermen on board was in trouble about 39 nautical miles Southeast of Hon Khoai Island. After receiving the information, the Office of the National Committee for Search and Rescue asked the Ca Mau province's Committee for Response to Incidents and Natural Disasters and Search and Rescue and the Staff of the Border Guard Command to mobilize ships operating near the area to save the nine troubled fishermen.

At 14:00 the same day, the Vietnam Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Center successfully saved nine fishermen.

Photo for illustration

* On July 9, the Department for Search and Rescue reported that at 11:00 on July 8, a fisherman named Nguyen Cuong on fishing boat numbered BV 5435 TS experienced a critical belly pain while fishing about 170 nautical miles Southeast of Nghinh Phong cape.

He was then brought to Lan Tay drilling platform. At 19:15 the same day, a helicopter of the Southern Vietnam Helicopter Company took him to Le Loi Hospital for further treatment.

Translated by Chung Anh