On the occasion, the Vietnam Military History Museum will also work with relevant civilian and military agencies to organize another exhibition at the Vietnam Exhibition Center for Culture and Arts.

* A delegation from the Military Region (MR) 1 Command recently visited and presented 20 gifts, worth VND 500,000 each, to 20 national contributors' families in Hoa Thuong commune, Dong Hy district, Thai Nguyen province.

* The Tay Ninh provincial Military Command, provincial agencies, branches, and religious organizations presented gifts to 25 Vietnamese heroic mothers and national contributors' families. In recent years, the leadership of Tay Ninh province has always promoted solidarity spirit and organized meaningful activities to express deep gratitude to local national contributors.

Senior Lieutenant General To Lam presents gifts to Vietnamese heroic mothers' families. 

* A ceremony to raise funds for the Gratitude Fund was recently held in Soc Trang province. The province has mobilized VND 120 billion and constructed nearly 10,000 gratitude houses for national contributors since 1992. On the occasion, leaders of the provincial Fatherland Front Committee also called on all agencies, units and people to continue contributing to the Gratitude Fund.

* The Quang Binh provincial Military Command, in association with local agencies and organizations, handed over a gratitude house to Tran Ba Ban, a wounded soldier who lost 21% of health in Mai Hoa commune, Tuyen Hoa district, Quang Binh province. The provincial military command funded VND 25 million for the construction of the house.

* The Military School under Army Corps 1 held a ceremony to hand over a gratitude house to Dinh Thi Thuoc, a Vietnam heroic mother, in Tan Binh ward, Tam Diep City, Ninh Binh province. Accordingly, the military school supported VND 70 million and offered the design and participated in building the house.

* The T67 Guest House under Military Region 7, in cooperation with Dong Hai One Member Co., Ltd., presented gifts, worth VND 1 million each, to wounded soldier Nguyen Van Du and martyr's mother Pham Thi Giup in An Nhon Tay commune, Cu Chi district, Ho Chi Minh City.

* Senior Lieutenant General To Lam, Politburo member and Minister of Public Security, Head of the Central Highlands (Tay Nguyen) Steering Committee, on July 16 visited national contributors’ families, disadvantaged households and poor students with good academic records in Gia Lai province. General Lam presented 400 gifts to nine Vietnamese heroic mothers, 150 national contributors' families, 150 poor households, outstanding patriarchs and chiefs of villages and needy students.

Earlier, the Security Department of the Central Highlands and Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Minh city provided free health check-ups and medicines to 700 disadvantaged people and national contributors in the communes of Gao, la Kenh, and Chu A of Pleiku city, Gia Lai province.

 * The liaison board of the Trieu Phong district fellow-countrymen’s association in Hanoi and the Veterans' Association of Central Military Hospital 108 offered free health check-ups and medicines to more than 1,000 national contributors and needy households on July 15 and 16.

Translated by Lam Anh