At the National Steering Committee 515's meeting 

Deputy Defense Minister Senior Lieutenant General Le Chiem chaired the event with the attendance of Senior Lieutenant General Do Can, Deputy Director of the General Department of Politics of the Vietnam People’s Army.

Since early this year, localities and units at all levels have embraced and comprehensively and effectively implemented the search and collection of fallen soldiers’ remains and fulfilled their set targets. The activity contributed to paying tribute to the great contribution of fallen soldiers to the revolutionary cause, as well as to strengthening people's trust in the Party, State, and military.

Addressing the event, General Chiem hailed the activeness and creativeness of relevant units and especially troops in charge of this work who have overcome difficulties to fulfil their assigned missions.

For next year, General Chiem requested the steering committee to boost leadership over the search and collection of fallen soldiers’ remains, promote dissemination and grasp situations so as to accomplish all set targets.

* On the same day, the Gia Lai provincial Steering Committee for Search and Collection of Fallen Soldiers’ Remains also organized a conference to review the search of fallen soldiers in 2020.

Over the year, the provincial Military Command has made proposals to local authorities and the steering committee to effectively carry out search and collection of martyrs’ remains.

So far, relevant agencies and the province’s steering committee received information and listed names of 18,353 fallen soldiers in the province.

Translated by Minh Anh