At the conference

Reports delivered at the event said that the search and collection of remains of martyrs in Laos’ localities and in Vietnam’s Nghe An province in the 2019-2020 dry season was strongly affected by the complicated development of COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, teams of the Nghe An provincial Military Command could only collect and repatriate 57 sets of remains of martyrs from Laos while another set was also found in Nghe An province. 

Participating units strictly exercised regulations and military disciplines while ensuring absolute safety for personnel, technical equipment, and traffic safety.

Together with search and collection missions, Vietnamese troops helped the Lao people raise their socio-economic and cultural development and fight the COVID-19 pandemic, contributing to strengthening the Vietnam-Laos solidarity.

The conference also agreed on some missions for the 2020-2021 dry season. In the coming time, the provincial Steering Committee 515 will instruct agencies and units to promote the progress of the search and collection of remains of martyrs in Laos. The province’s search and collection teams will repatriate all the found remains and collect information relating to the burial location of fallen soldiers in Xiengkhuang, Vientiane, and Xaysomboun provinces from Lao units, war veterans, and local people. They will also continue searching and collecting remains of soldiers who laid down their lives in Nghe An province.

On the occasion, the Nghe An provincial Military Command presented certificates of merit to four groups and seven individuals with outstanding achievements in searching and collecting remains of fallen soldiers in the period.

Translated by Chung Anh