Reportedly, at 1600 on April 4, the construction unit, in charge of building an embankment along the Nhat Le River estuary in Hai Thanh ward, Dong Hoi city, found a bomb some two meters underground near Truong Phap Street. 

The site where the bomb is discovered

The site where the bomb was discovered is only 500m from Nhat Le beach, close to the Nhat Le river embankment, which is densely populated and has many vehicles passing by. This is also the place where fishing boats anchor every day.

When notified of the news, the engineering force of the Quang Binh provincial Military Command and Mines Advisory Group (MAG) rushed to the scene, set up barriers, ensured safety, and developed a handling plan.

Moving the bomb to detonation area

After inspection, engineering troops concluded that this MK82 bomb was 1.54 meters long, weighed 227 kilograms, containing 87 kilograms of explosive, and had a damage radius of about 1 kilometer.

The bomb was then transported to a safe area for detonation.

Translated by Song Anh