At the event, 400 delegates, who are former youth volunteers and veterans working on the legendary trail in the past, recalled glorious traditions of the Truong Son soldiers.

Veterans at the meeting

In her remarks, Ms. Ngo Thi Tuyet, Chairwoman of the association, held that since its establishment seven years ago, the association has actively conducted social activities, supporting its needy members. These social activities include building gratitude houses for seven members in housing difficulty and presenting more than 500 gifts to local martyrs’ relatives, wounded soldiers, and poor people.

On this occasion, the association presented 48 gifts to policy beneficiaries and national contributors.

On May 19, 1959, the Standing Committee of the Central Military Commission officially assigned Unit 559 – the predecessor of the Truong Son Army Corps – headed by Colonel Vo Bam to opening a route to transport military supplies to the Southern theater.

During 16 years, the Truong Son soldiers achieved a number of glorious feats-of-arms, contributing to the Liberation of South Vietnam and National Reunification (April 30, 1975).

In 1979, the Truong Son Army Corps was presented the Ho Chi Minh Order and the title “Hero of the People’s Armed Forces” by the Party and State.

Translated by Van Hieu