The exhibition with two parts, namely “Cleaving through the Truong Son Mountain Range to salvage the nation” and “Promoting Traditions,” recalls the milestones along the course of the establishment and development of Truong Son Army Corps during the resistance war against US imperialists and the great contributions of former Truong Son soldiers to the construction and protection of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. 

Delegates visiting the exhibition

The first part introduces photos, documents, and items reflecting the opening of the Truong Son Trail and goods transportation along the supply routes of the trail in the first period as well as the upgrading of the road to meet the demand for goods transportation to the Southern theater.

During the hard times, Truong Son troops with their strong determination united in building the trail, contributing to defeating US imperialists for the liberation of the South and national reunification.

The second one features activities of Truong Son troops during the Doi moi process and economic development, industrialization and modernization, and international integration. In peacetime, Truong Son soldiers actively participated in the construction of roads, irrigation projects, and hydroelectric plants, contributing to national socio-economic development and security and defense consolidation.

The exhibition also highlights activities of the Tradition Association of Truong Son - Ho Chi Minh Trail and the images of former Truong Son soldiers in peacetime and showcases books and documents written by members of the association.

Exhibits showcased at the event

It is obvious that the operation of the Truong Son - Ho Chi Minh Trail was one of the strategic factors contributing to the success of the resistance war against US imperialists for national independence, affirming the sound leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

“Memories of Truong Son” is among the activities to mark the 60th anniversary of the Ho Chi Minh Trail and Foundation Day of Truong Son Army Corps (May, 19). It also aims to help young people learn more about the glorious tradition of the Vietnam People’s Army and arouse patriotism, national pride, and gratitude among them.  

Translated by Tran Hoai