During the national resistance war against US invaders, Truong Son soldiers, volunteer youths, and civilians overcame numerous difficulties and hardships to build the legendary Truong Son Trail, contributing to completely liberating the South, and unifying the country. That glorious tradition has still been upheld by troops of Army Corps 12 (successor of Truong Son Arm Corps) in the current context.

The delegates offer incense at the Ho Chi Minh Road Museum.

Over the past 42 years implementing economic-defense missions, Army Corps 12 has completed hundreds of key projects across the country and in Laos, especially the projects in strategic, remote areas and on islands, bringing about great economic, political, social and defense achievements. In the coming time, the unit will continue overcoming difficulties, fulfilling its production and business objectives, and well implementing gratitude activities.

On the occasion, the delegates also offered incense at the Ho Chi Minh Road Museum and visited the “Memory of Truong Son” exhibition in commemoration of heroic martyrs.

Translated by Lam Anh