Fortunately, at that time, four crew-members, namely Nguyen Van Don, Nguyen Van Sao, Nguyen Van Vo, and Nguyen Van Thang, swam to shore safely.

The troubled fishing boats were towed to shore.

Upon receiving the information, Ly Hoa Border Station under the Quang Binh provincial Border Guard Command sent functional forces to the scene and conducted measures to rescue the two sunken fishing boats and tow them ashore.

However, more than an hour later, another trawler captained by Ho Luong Toan with his son on board was sunk due to high waves while fishing in the waters near the mouth of the Ly Hoa River.

Knowing the situation, Ly Hoa Border Station continued mobilizing troops to the scene to rescue the troubled trawler and fishermen, and bring it ashore.

Translated by Song Anh