Earlier on the evening of January 28, while having dinner with his colleagues at a street restaurant on Hong Ha Street, Coc Le ward, Lao Cai city after finishing their missions, Major Phung Van Yen found a wallet with many important papers and some cash inside. After picking up the wallet, the officer informed everyone present in the restaurant but no one claimed it.

Major Phung Van Yen hands over the lost wallet to its owner.

After that, Major Phung Van Yen posted the wallet-related information on his Zalo account to find the owner. On the morning of January 29, Le Viet Hung in Kim Tan ward, Lao Cai city, contacted Major Phung Van Yen to get his lost property back.

According to Hung, he lost the wallet when having dinner at the restaurant. Hung was worried since there were many important identification documents in the wallet. Through his friends, Hung knew that Major Yen found the wallet and was looking for its owner, so he contacted the officer to get the property back.

“I was very happy and moved. I would like to thank Major Yen and the border guard force again,” Hung said. 

Before Major Phung Van Yen, Non-commission Captain Nguyen Van Hien, a technician of the Technical Department of Brigade 293 of the Engineering Corps, had done the same good deed.

On January 26, while on the way home from his unit, Captain Hien found a wallet on roadside in Hoa Do 6A residential area in Cam Phuc Bac ward, Cam Ranh city, Khanh Hoa province. There are VND 21 million, an identification card named Nguyen Van Qua (born in 1967 and lives in Hoa Do 6A residential area) and other important documents.

Non-commission Captain Nguyen Van Hien performing his duty

Non-commissioned Captain Nguyen Van Hien immediately reported to the unit’s commanding officer and directly contacted the staff of the residential area to find and return the lost wallet to its owner.

According to Deputy Political Commissar of Brigade 293 Colonel Dinh Tran Y, Non-commissioned Captain Nguyen Van Hien is a responsible officer who has consecutively won the “Soldier of the Year” title and been presented with certificates of merit by the Ministry of National Defense and the Engineering Corps. 

The good deed of Non-commissioned Captain Nguyen Van Hien has been widely popularized in his unit.

Translated by Chung Anh