Earlier, at 9:30 on the same day, the ship received information about an injured fisherman from trawler BF 93161TS while fishing at the Vietnam – Indonesia maritime border.

Ship 276 approaches the trawler.

Ship 276 then quickly moved to the scene. At 13:00 the same day, the ship approached the trawler and the rescue team onboard implemented COVID-19 testing for the distressed fisherman.

Reportedly, fisherman Nguyen Van Kien, born in 1982 in Nam Dinh province, had a work-related accident while fishing at sea.

The fisherman is given first aid.

Ship 276 then gave him first aid. After over an hour, his health was recovering and he was then handed over to the trawler. The trawler’s captain, Mr. Nguyen Van Hung thanked the naval troops for supporting the fisherman.

Trawler BV 93161TS has 11 crew-members, departing on October 20 from Hung Thai Port, Phuoc Tinh, Ba Ria - Vung Tau to fish in the country’s Southern waters.

Translated by Chung Anh