The distressed fisherman taken ashore for treatment

Earlier on September 13, fisherman Duc, aged 44, a resident in Lan Hai commune, Phu Quy district, Binh Thuan province, was stabbed by a stingray’s tail on the right thigh, causing a 3cm long and 4cm deep wound. Duc was working on a trawler fishing offshore in the waters near Sand Cay.

The medical team gave him first aid, disinfected the wound, used pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs, removed foreign bodies and infused fluids for the patient.

The victim's health is stable now. He is under further care and treatment in an isolation area prepared by Sand Cay infirmary.

During the time the patient was hospitalized and treated, the military medical personnel on Sand Cay observed COVID-19 prevention and control measures. They also gave rapid COVID-19 testing to all fishermen on the trawler and they all tested negative.

Patient Tran Van Duc and other 15 fishermen were on trawler BTh 99979TS owned by Tran Minh Nhanh from Binh Thuan province departing from Phu Quy Island on August 19.

Translated by Song Anh