Coast Guar Ship 2011's crewmembers rescuing the fisherman

Earlier, while carrying out missions in the southwestern waters of the country, crewmembers of Coast Guard Ship 2011 received a call from Hon Khoai Border Post, informing of a fisherman in distress around 10 nautical miles from Hon Khoai island.

Coast Guard Ship 2011 immediately advanced to the reported scene and found a man clinging on to a lifebuoy at sea.

The distressed fisherman, Trieu Van Hoa from Dak Nong province, worked on Hong Phuc trawler from Kien Giang province. He had jumped off the trawler after having a rift with other fishermen on board.

After being rescued, the fisherman had his health checked by the coast guard ship’s crew members.

At present, the fisherman is in good health. He will be handed over to authorities as regulated.

Translated by Song Anh