Accordingly, the command’s orators updated ship owners and fishermen in localities on information related to the Vietnam Coast Guard Law in 2018, Fisheries Law in 2017, and documents related to legal fishing at sea and IUU fishing.

Coast guard troops disseminate information about IUU fishing prevention among ship owners in Dai Toan Thang port in Cua Viet townlet.

The event aimed to raise the awareness of troops, local people and fishermen in Gio Linh district of regulations on the prevention and combat of IUU fishing while helping fishermen grasp the scope of the Vietnamese waters and strictly comply with laws and regulations while fishing at sea, especially not infringing on foreign waters, contributing to the efforts to remove the yellow card imposed by the European Commission (E.C.) on Vietnamese seafood.

The organizing panel presents gifts and national flags to ship owners.

Also, the program showed the sentiment and responsibility of coast guard troops toward needy fishermen and encouraged them to keep fishing at sea, contributing to firmly safeguarding national sovereignty over sea and islands.

The organizers hand over gifts to needy fishermen in Gio Linh district.

On the occasion, the Coast Guard Region 2 Command presented 50 gifts, worth VND 1 million each, to needy fishermen in three communes of Gio Hai, Gio Viet and Trung Giang, Cua Viet townlet, and Ngu village (Gio Mai commune); distributed 500 leaflets and handed over 1,000 national flags and 200 books about the Vietnam Coast Guard Law to local fishermen.

Translated by Quynh Oanh