Fishermen moving ashore 

According to Senior Colonel Tran Cong Thanh, Deputy Commanding Officer of Da Nang city’s Border Guard Command, there were 1,227 fishing boats anchored onshore, while 15 others with 112 workers were operating at sea, of which six were reported to be in danger areas.

In this situation, local border guards directed the trawlers to quickly move to shore or get out of the danger areas. Currently, the six are on their way to shore. A ban on disembarkation was also implemented.

Meanwhile, Da Nang city currently has 25 oil tankers, 40 cargo ships, and 23 cruise ships anchored in Da Nang and Man Quang bays and on the Han and Co Co rivers. Da Nang city’s Border Guard Command has planned to move 20 oil tankers out of Tho Quang lock to avoid fire and explosion, at the same time, move fishing boats and cruise ships on the Han River to the upstream.

The border troops are also helping Da Nang people bring boats ashore and upgrade houses to brace for the storm.

In Binh Dinh province, on September 23, the Border Guard Post of Quy Nhon Port actively mobilized forces to coordinate with the Quy Nhon Fishing Port Management Board to call on more than 450 offshore fishing vessels and boats to anchor in the east of Quy Nhon Fishing Port to stay safe from the coming natural disaster.

Troops of the Binh Dinh provincial Border Guard Command calling upon fishermen to anchor their trawlers at Quy Nhon fishing port

Meanwhile, the provincial border guards also instructed fishermen to be ready for the storm while ensuring COVID-19 prevention and control.

Currently, the command ensured troops to quickly respond to the storm, promoted information dissemination on natural disaster prevention and control while being ready for supporting local fishermen in any circumstances.

Translated by Minh Anh