The festival was chaired by Lieutenant General Le Hien Van, GDP's Deputy Director, Khuat Viet Hung, Deputy Chairman of the National Road Safety Committee, and other representatives of associated units.

Lieutenant General Le Hien Van speaking at the event

Speaking at the event, General Van highly appreciated the initiative launched by the Army Youth Board and agencies inside and outside the army to organize the festival. He also asked the units to continue to thoroughly grasp and strictly implement the Party's guidelines, laws on traffic safety and order, effectively promote emulation movements, especially the campaign “Good, durable, safe and economical management and exploitation of weapons and technical equipment and traffic safety” known as Campaign 50.

The units should closely coordinate with agencies inside and outside the army to raise public awareness of traffic law, he added.

At the launching ceremony, the Deputy Chairman of the National Road Safety Committee Khuat Viet Hung also acknowledged the contributions of military units in promoting information dissemination about laws, building traffic culture, and minimizing traffic accidents.

In the first eight months of 2019, the military units have completed their tasks in ensuring traffic order and safety.

Translated by Hai Yen