During his deployment to MINUSCA, the young officer made continuous efforts to highlight the qualities and image of the "Uncle Ho's Soldiers" among his international colleagues, local authorities, and people of the host country.

Maj. Trinh Van Hung and his foreign colleagues 

After graduating from the Commando Officer Candidate School, young officer Trinh Van Hung was assigned to the Border Guard Vocational School No.2 (now the Border Guard College). Thanks to his rich political knowledge, military skills, professional capabilities, and effort, Hung has excelled in every position he held. The young officer also has a passion for foreign languages.

When he was a student, Hung dreamt of experiencing and working in an international environment. Therefore, he dedicated a significant amount of time to learning English and French. During his service, he registered and participated in several short-term language training courses and promoted self-studying spirit to enhance his foreign language skills.

In 2022, after going through rounds of evaluation of profile, interviews, and foreign language proficiency tests, Hung was reassigned to the Vietnam Department of Peacekeeping Operations (VNDPKO) to participate in training courses to enhance his knowledge and skills in peacekeeping operations. In January 2024, Hung was one of the five officers from the VNDPKO deployed to U.N. Missions in Central Africa and South Sudan. Although he was well-prepared for the mission, Hung at first found it difficult to adapt to new missions and new environment. 

The Central African Republic is currently one of the poorest countries in the world. The situation in the region is complex, with constantly lurking risks of security and political instability, armed conflicts, ethnic and religious tensions. In addition, multinational environment with differences in culture, lifestyle, and languages, harsh weather conditions, and dangerous diseases, particularly malaria, have posed numerous difficulties to him.

As an intelligence staff officer in the Western Sub-section of the MINUSCA, Hung’s task is gathering and evaluating intelligence information from various sources, thus providing timely recommendations to higher-levels to address issues to protect locals.

Maj. Trinh Van Hung and his foreign colleagues evaluating local situation

Right on the first days in the mission, Maj. Hung made the most of his political knowledge, experience, military knowledge, and professional skills; pro-actively studied documents; learned from colleagues to broaden his knowledge; enhanced language skills; and stay updated on the situation. Thanks to that, he quickly got used to his work, confidently undertook, and successfully completed all assigned tasks. Thanks to his proficiency in French, the official language of the local population, Hung soon won the heart of local authorities and the people.

In addition, he has made the most of his free time to grow vegetables, guide international colleagues on how to sow seeds, cultivate, and care for vegetables to improve the quality of their meals, and make some Vietnamese dishes to treat foreign colleagues. The young border guard officer always feels proud of wearing the military uniform with the word "Vietnam" on it. The "peace ambassador” said that special sentiment of local people for the  has motivated him to try more to fulfill peacekeeping duties, contributing to enriching the tradition of Vietnam's peace-loving spirit.

The young officer is now determined to continue to learn and improve his knowledge and professional skills to uphold the qualities of "Uncle Ho's soldiers" and  revolutionary military officers, who are ready to undertake and excel in any assigned task. Hung said that he will cooperate with the Working Group in the Central African Republic and and join units’ efforts in organizing volunteer activities, such as providing clean water and free health check-ups, conducting information dissemination; presenting school supplies. These actions will contribute to spreading the image of "Uncle Ho's soldiers" in the hearts of colleagues, authorities, and local people.

Translated by Chung Anh