The Party committees and chains-of-command of all units have embraced higher levels’ directives and instructions for the COVID-19 fight. The Ministry of National Defense established steering panels for the disease prevention and control at all levels, issued appropriate instructions for the work, and collaborated with relevant ministries and sectors and local authorities to prevent the pandemic from spreading in the community.

In addition, the General Department of Politics has directed its units to focus on fulfilling military-defense tasks, preventing the COVID-19 pandemic, and organizing Party congresses at all levels.

Chemical troops spraying disinfectant to sterilize Truc Bach street

According to Lieutenant General Do Danh Vuong, Political Commissar of the Border Guards, the border troops established over 1,600 teams to managed and fixed mobile checkpoints along the border line to prevent illegal entries.

Meanwhile, the Chemical Corps directed its relevant units to build specific plans in response to the COVID-19 fight, particularly to spray disinfectants at all border gates. In addition, the Corps directed affiliated units to study and produce medical supplies for the COVID-19 prevention and control effort,  such as hand sanitizers, disinfectants, mouthwash, and so on.

The military medical force has promoted their role in providing timely advice for the leadership at all levels to deploy preventive measures against the pandemic. They have also directly undertaken the task of disease control in the quarantine areas of the military.

Other forces of the military, such as naval and coast guard troops, also actively joined the COVID-19 prevention. They have not only completed disease prevention and control missions but also carried out other assigned missions.

Troops throughout the military have always promoted the tradition of Uncle Ho’s soldiers in any circumstances. They are always willing to sacrifice their own self-interests to undertake and fulfill any assigned missions.

Translated by Trung Thanh