Chief of the VPN Rear Admiral Tran Thanh Nghiem, and Major General Luong Thanh Chuong, Deputy Director of the General Department of Defense Industry, as well as representatives of relevant units and the Damen Group (the Netherlands) were present at the ceremony.

Cutting ribbon to hand over Ship 927-Yet Kieu

The ship, the 927-Yet Kieu, has a displacement of 3,950 tons, a length of 93.11m, a maximum width of 15.99m, a height of 7.20m on the side, a maximum draught of 4.25m, and a maximum speed of 15.7 nautical miles per hour. It is equipped with a modern propulsion system and medical, lifesaving and rescue equipment.

Ship 927-Yet Kieu can also operate non-stop at sea for 30 days and nights and is able to withstand level-9 waves and level-12 winds. It also has an operation range of 4,000 nautical miles.

Rear Admiral Tran Thanh Nghiem and delegates touring the ship

Factory Z189 started constructing the ship in the middle of 2018 and strictly followed the technological process under the close supervision of the investor, the Damen Group and the Lloyd’s Register.

The Central Military Commission and Defense Ministry approved the construction plan of the ship so as to meet the urgent demand for submarine search and rescue missions as well as surveying, exploring underwater objects and performing other assigned tasks.

The successful construction of the 927-Yet Kieu has shown the ability of Vietnam's defense industry to access and master modern shipbuilding technology, and meet all requirements of defense industry modernization, contributing to building a revolutionary, regular, elite, and increasingly-modern military.

Addressing the event, Rear Admiral Tran Thanh Nghiem hailed the factory’s great efforts in constructing the vessel as scheduled. He also requested the crew-members to be active in training and soon master the ship’s equipment while preserving and maintaining the ship in a good condition so as to fulfill all assigned missions in the coming time.

Translated by Minh Anh