The practical program aims to create a chance for troops to exchange as well as to evaluate training quality and sports activities among its affiliated units.

Delegates at the opening ceremony 

In addition, it also contributes to raising training quality and the organization of training and sports activities at all levels, meeting task requirements in the current context. Via the festival, the organizing board will select outstanding athletes to take part in other festivals in the whole military.

This year’s event draws the participation of 450 athletes from 23 units. They compete in tennis and volleyball contents.

Senior Colonel Nguyen Van Dai addresses the event.

Addressing the event, Senior Colonel Nguyen Van Dai, Deputy Director of the Department of Logistics under the General Staff, requested functional units to ensure all conditions for the participants during the contest, conduct the festival as scheduled with absolute safety. Meanwhile, they should also make thorough preparations for the festival while observing military discipline.

Referees were also asked to promote their responsibility, and participants should adhere to military discipline and all regulations of the festival.

An overview of the event

At the opening ceremony, athletes received souvenir flags. Then they started their competition as scheduled.

Translated by Minh Anh