At the politico-military conference held on December 9, the Air Defense - Air Force Academy defined that next year,  the whole academy will continue to strictly observe combat readiness regulations, improve training quality, renovate training contents, programs, methods to meet task requirements in the new situation.

Individuals with best task performance in 2023 honored at the politico-military conference held on December 9 by the Air Defense - Air Force Academy

It will also promote real practices, organize live-fire tests and exercises with absolute safety, among others.

Also at the event, the academy launched the “Determined-to-Win” emulation movement 2024 under the theme “United, exemplary, discipline, active, creative, good teaching, good studying, safe, determined-to-win.”

* In 2023, Naval Region 5 effectively conducted training, performed combat readiness, defense diplomacy, search and rescue activities, dissemination of information about sea and islands and anti-IUU fishing.

In 2024, the region will focus its tasks on building a comprehensively-strong, exemplary, typical unit, improving advisory capability and quality, making precise forecasts of situational developments at sea, on islands, and in key areas, flexibly and effectively dealing with situations to avoid being put in a passive position.

* In reviewing the locality’s implementation of defense, military, defense and security education work in 2023, the People’s Committee of Bac Giang province emphasized that the province’s political organizations well directed the task performance. In the year, the provincial defensive area exercise was held successfully; the provision of defense-security knowledge for all trainees was completed; and the province met all recruitment and training targets.

Next year, the provincial People’s Committee will direct the armed forces to exercise combat readiness, raise training quality, prepare forces and vehicles for situations, maintain political security, social order and safety, and achieve goals on enlistment to military units and schools.

* This year, the Border Guard Command of Lai Chau province has well fulfilled its missions of managing and protection the border, implementing three legal documents on Vietnam-China land border, conducting patrols, organizing meaningful activities for needy people and policy beneficiaries, such as “Paving the way to school for children - Adopted children of border posts,” “Border spring warms up people’s heart,” and free health check-ups and medicine programs.

Outstanding units of Soc Trang provincial Border Guard Command in 2023

* In 2023, the Soc Trang provincial Border Guard Command has seriously actualized higher levels’ directives, resolutions, orders on defense, military work. It has pro-actively grasped, evaluated and forecast situations, made timely suggestions to handle emerging cases in border areas. It has actively fought against crimes and organized patrols to protect the border.

Translated by Mai Huong