Sr. Lt. Gen. Nguyen Tan Cuong speaks at the event.

The draft law was built on the basis of five big policies, namely building the people’s air defense force; mobilizing and operating the force; managing unmanned aircraft and ultralight aircraft (flycam); defining measures to ensure air defense safety; having resources and guarantee policies for the people's air defense work. These policies have been unanimously approved by the Government and the National Assembly and are concretized in the draft Law on People's Air Defense which comprises eight chapters and 46 articles.

At the event, participants spoke highly of the thorough preparations of the permanent agency of the compilation board and relevant agencies and units during the building of the draft law. They made suggestions, analyses on contents that need to be corrected and supplemented. They also clarified the viewpoint of law-making; subjects and scope of adjustment of the law; organization, building, and mobilization of the people's air defense force; training and exercises on people's air defense; state management over the people's air defense; and policies for the force, among others.

Concluding the meeting, Gen. Cuong emphasized that the building of this draft law aimed to ensure the uniformity in the legal system; create a legal basis for the building of the people’s air defense posture in a widespread, all-people, comprehensive, multi-layered, and multi-directional manner; and promote the strength of all levels, departments and the whole people in safeguarding the Fatherland’s sky.

An overview of the meeting
Delegates at the event

To ensure the progress, quality, and regulations in the law drafting, Gen. Cuong asked the permanent agency of the compilation board and the editing team to take notes of the delegates’ opinions to complete the draft law and other documents in the dossiers. He also requested them to pro-actively develop regulations, survey plans, draft detailed outlines of decrees, and instructions for the implementation of the law.

Translated by Mai Huong