The project is conducted by the Department of Military Forces under the General Staff with the department’s chief Lieutenant General Vu Van Sy as chief author. 

At the event, the Ministry of National Defense’s Scientific Council highlighted the scientific and practical values of the project which is conducted with the support of generals, scientists, experienced experts and close coordination with other agencies, and units.

General Cuong speaks at the event.

Based on reality and scientific  research, the project affirms the need to adjust the organization and staffing of the Vietnam People’s Army (VPA) and proposes feasible measures to realize the task in consistency with the Party’s guidelines and State’s policies, defense and military strategies and meet national protection requirements in the new period.

The council also said that the outcomes of the project will be research materials for the Party, State, Central Military Commission (CMC), Ministry of National Defense (MND), relevant agencies and units, military regions, military academies and schools. It will help CMC and MND issue measures to realize the strategy of adjusting the organization and staffing of their agencies and units, contributing to building a revolutionary, regular, elite, and gradually-modernized military.

An overview of the event

Speaking at the event, Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Tan Cuong highlighted the scientific values and feasibility of the project, which will contribute to actualizing the VPA’s guidelines on streamlining forces to successfully build and firmly protect the socialism.

Together with high scientific values, the project clarifies the theoretical and practical basis for streamlining VPA’s personnel organization. It also determines orientations on adjusting the organization, personnel, and equipment and building reservist force and proposes solutions to orient the streamlining in a comprehensive and logical manner.

General Cuong chairs the conference.

The chief of the General Staff emphasized that the outcomes of the project will contribute to realizing the strategy of streamlining the military in the new period and providing scientific arguments and experience in organizing personnel of VPA in different periods, helping build a lean, strong, mobile, and flexible personnel organization.

He asked the project’s authors to collect delegates’ opinions and complete the project within 45 days before submitting it to the MND for approval and applying it to reality.

Translated by Tran Hoai