Deputy Director and Chief of Staff of the General Department of Logistics Major General Nguyen Hung Thang attended and spoke at the online event which connected 25 locations. 

Delegates at the opening ceremony

According to the organizing panel, the course aimed to enhance logistics officers and staff’s basic knowledge of digital transformation and technologies.

During the event, participants were equipped with skills of using and mastering software, contributing to building a contingent of technical staff capable of carrying out different missions and giving advice to higher levels to develop e-government and digital transformation at their units and agencies.

At the event, staff of the Military Industry-Telecoms Group provided officers and staff of agencies and units under the general department with four themes, namely digital transformation thinking; popular technologies serving digital transformation in logistics sector; information safety and security in digital transformation and Viettel’s suggestions and measures; guidelines on exploiting and using office software.

Major General Nguyen Hung Thang speaks at the opening ceremony.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Major General Nguyen Hung Thang briefed participants on outstanding outcomes in digital transformation of the general department and military logistics sector. He also pointed out limitations, shortcomings, and difficulties in implementing digital transformation missions. 

Gen. Thang asked participating officers and staff to strictly observe the organizing panel’s regulations, enhance responsibility, and overcome difficulties to complete the course contents. Since the course included new contents, the chief of the general department urged trainees to comprehend all provided knowledge to apply them to their task performance. 

He expected that after the course, participants would promote their core role in actualizing the plan on developing e-government, especially the plan on digital transformation in the logistics sector in 2023.

He asked instructors to provide basic and intensive knowledge to trainees and the General Staff to coordinate with and help the organizing panel complete the approved program.

As reported, along with this course, the General Department of Logistics will organize a training session on information technology at Viettel Academy. 

An overview of the refresher course
After the opening ceremony, participants are briefed on digital transformation by Viettel’s staff.

Translated Tran Hoai