This year, the Naval Region 4 Command and Coast Guard Region 4 Command have well cooperated to effectively carry out the missions of managing and protecting national sovereignty and maintaining security and order in the Southwestern waters. Notably, the units have kept exchanging information, updating each other on situational developments, and handled circumstances in a timely, precise, and effective manner.

An overview of the conference

Units of the two forces have closely worked with local departments, agencies, party committees, and authorities and relevant agencies and units to conduct information dissemination and education and mobilize locals to well observe the Party’s guidelines and State’s policies on illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing prevention.

Apart from obtained outcomes, delegates pointed out shortcomings and proposed measures to enhance the quality and effectiveness of their coordination in the coming time.

The two sides agreed to continue to work together to well implement assigned political missions; strengthen patrol and inspection to prevent crime and illegal trading and transportation of goods, weapons, explosives, drugs, tax evasion, illegal immigration; conduct search and rescue operations; disseminate regulations on IUU fishing prevention to locals, especially fishermen fishing at sea.

Translated by Chung Anh