Ships of Naval Region 3 Command saluting the port to start performing their duties

The test was open for combat ships, cargo ships, and auxiliary ships under Brigades 172 and 161.

In this live-fire test, ships used equipped guns and artillery firepower to destroy targets in the air and at sea during the day and at night.

Ships on their routes

The test aimed to evaluate the combat readiness ability, training results, and technical conditions of weapons and technical equipment. Based on the evaluation results, the Naval Region 3 Command will develop measures to improve the training quality to meet task requirements in the coming time. All ships got flying results in shooting lessons with absolute safety.

Practicing firing artillery at sea

The test was successful thanks to good preparations of participating units in terms of ships, personnel, weapons, and others. During the test, troops heightened their responsibility, strictly observed discipline and safety regulations. Attentively, the crew-members showed accurate movements, close coordination, and mastery of weapons.

Translated by Mai Huong