Senior Colonel Le Van Trung, the region’s Deputy-Political Director, representatives of the naval region’s affiliates and reporters from central and local media agencies attended the ceremony. 

Paying homage to fallen soldiers at Hang Duong Cemetery

At the ceremony, Senior Colonel Le Van Trung affirmed the great contributions and sacrifices of former generations for the peace and happiness of later ones and promised that troops of Naval Region 2 will overcome difficulties and hardship to safeguard firmly national sovereignty over seas and islands and the country's Southern continental shelf.

Hang Duong Cemetery is the last resting place of tens of thousands of prisoners who died at the Con Dao Prison. The indomitable spirit of the Vietnamese fighters in the prison encouraged the revolutionary movement of the Vietnamese Party, whole army and people. Their sacrifices embellished the revolutionary heroism in the Ho Chi Minh era and contributed to educating patriotism to the present and future generations.

The mission also offered incense in commemoration of great contributions of heroine Vo Thi Sau, patriot Nguyen Anh Ninh and the late Party General-Secretary Le Hong Phong.

Gifts presented to Dam Wharf Border Checkpoint

Earlier, delegates visited TB10 Station of Brigade 681 and Dam Wharf Border Checkpoint.

At TB10 Station, the head delegate extended New Year wishes and encouraged troops to overcome difficulties and ensure absolute safety while carrying out tasks. On behalf of the mission, Senior Colonel Nguyen Anh Tuan presented a TV set and a loudspeaker to serve the spiritual and social livee of the unit’s troops before, during and after Lunar New Year Festival.

The Naval Region 2’s Deputy-Commander sent New Year wishes to staff of Ben Dam Port and Ben Dam Border Checkpoint and thanked them for their close coordination with Naval Region 2’s units stationed in Con Dao over the past time.

Translated by Tran Hoai