Senior Lieutenant General Le Chiem, Deputy Minister of National Defense, Deputy Head of the National Steering Committee 515 for Search and Collection of Fallen Soldiers’ Remains chaired the conference.

Over the past time, the MND has worked closely with MOLISA to carry out many policies for servicemen and their families, gratitude activities as well as the search and collection of fallen soldiers’ remains.

Gen. Le Chiem speaking at the working session

From 2013 to 2018, the two sides have checked and completed files as well as settled support policies for 505 fallen servicemen’s families, 2,935 war invalids and 380 wounded soldiers.

The two ministries also coordinated closely with the other Central agencies and localities to recognize those who had died during military training as martyrs. In doing so, the two ministries received much support from the people.

Speaking at the event, Gen. Chiem said that with a high sense of responsibility, the two ministries reached consensus on the policy work in general, and agreed to continue to well implement the policy work for servicemen and their families, as well as gratitude activities and search and collection of fallen soldiers’ remains.

He also stressed that the two ministries should concentrate on studying and proposing amendments to the Ordinance on Support Policies for National Contributors and other relevant legal documents, and propose the Party and the State to untie knots in implementing support policies for national contributors.

Translated by Lam Anh