Particularly, in 2021, Division 3 under Military Region 1 will focus on night training and raising troops’ abilities to use assigned weapons and military equipment. The unit will also pay attention to strengthening coordination of joint forces in combat.

The Dien Bien provincial Border Guard Command checks preparations for training of its affliated unit.

Divisions 324 and 968 under Military Region 4 will attach much importance to comprehensive and intensive training, regular unit building, and discipline observance.

Similar to Divisions 324 and 968, Division 312 under Army Corps 1 will focus on comprehensive and intensive training for troops.  The unit will also increase night training and practice situations close to real combat.

Meanwhile, the Quang Ninh provincial Military Command will at the same time conduct combat training, political education and thinking orientation for troops, as well as build models of comprehensively strong agencies and units. 

On the same day, the Ninh Binh provincial Military Command instructed its agencies and units to put much importance to comprehensive and intensive training and exercise-intensive training.

The Nam Dinh provincial Military Command will focus on raising its personnel’s abilities to use weapons and effectively respond to different circumstances. The unit will also strive to host courses on military and defense knowledge for different groups of civilian officials. 

Nghe An province’s armed forces will increase military training with a focus on exercises, promote unity among troops, strictly observe discipline, and ensure absolute safety for personnel and equipment.

Under its training plan, the Dien Bien provincial Border Guard Command will focus on raising its personnel’ abilities to effectively conduct missions in border areas.

Translated by Tran Hoai