* Army Corps 1 kicked off the training season of 2022 on February 28.

This year, Army Corps 1’s agencies and units will focus on improving the quality of training, raising troops’ combat readiness capability while thoroughly grasping the situation, resolutely fighting against wrongful viewpoints and distortions, and responding to any circumstances and incidents in a timely manner.

In addition, these agencies and units will continue promoting applying information technology to training and combat readiness work, well preparing personnel, vehicles, and building concrete plans to undertake all assigned missions.

At the ceremony to start the training season of the General Department of Technical Services

* In 2022, the General Department of Technical Services (GDT) requires its affiliated units to embrace and effectively implement the Central Military Commission (CMC)’s Conclusion No.60 dated January 18, 2019, on continuing to carry out the CMC’s Resolution No.765.

During the training process, the GDT directs its units to strictly adhere to the motto “Basic, practical, solid,” synchronous, and specialized, combine military training with political education, combat training with military education, as well as associate training with discipline management, to name but a few.

* At  a ceremony of Division 361, the unit launched the emulation movement entitled “Good training, strict practice, determination to win.”

This year, Division 361’s agencies and units will pay attention to effectively implement resolutions, directives and directions of higher levels on training work, actively give recommendations and fulfill all assignments, ensuring absolute safety in all fields and following COVID-19 prevention and control regulations.

At the ceremony held by Division 363

* In 2022, units and agencies of Division 363 under the Air Defense - Air Force Service strive to promote their advisory role, renew training methods to further improve training quality, accomplish all assigned missions while boosting the quality of competitions, sports festivals, and drills, and maintain combat readiness posture to firmly safeguard national airspace and build a comprehensively strong unit.

Earlier, the Technical School of the Air Defense - Air Force Service organized a contest on preparations for the training season of 2022 with various competition contents.

Through the contest, the school defined training contents and methods and evaluated the preparations for the new training season.

Translated by Quynh Oanh