It is a regular activity held by the academy to raise instructors, cadets, and troops’ awareness of planting and taking care of trees, contributing to creating a healthy living environment.

Senior Captain Huynh Vinh Tuyen speaking at the event
Troops taking care of trees

After the launching ceremony, officers, instructors, cadets and soldiers of the academy took care of the trees and consolidated the landscapes around the barracks.

* On the same day, the Commando Officer Training School under the Commando Corps held a ceremony to kick off the tree-planting festival.

Transporting trees to set positions
Major General Hoang Minh Son and representatives of agencies planting trees

At the event, the school’s officers, cadets and soldiers planted more than 1,000 trees of different types.

Speaking at the event, Major General Hoang Minh Son, Commander of the Commando Corps, affirmed that the event aimed to respond to President Ho Chi Minh’s appeal for tree planting festival.

He required the school to continue to effectively implement education work to raise troops and people’s awareness of tree planting, contributing to protecting the environment, minimizing the impacts of climate change and improving the quality of their life.

Translated by Quynh Oanh