This statement was made by General Luong Cuong, Permanent Member of the Central Military Commission and Director of the General Department of Politics of the Vietnam People’s Army, at a working session with the unit on October 16.

At the working session

According to a report, since the beginning of 2019, Army Corps 4 has embraced and conducted resolutions and directives at higher levels on military-defense missions and Party and political work, while actively and proactively carrying out set plans.

Meanwhile, the corps’ affiliated units have closely kept track of local situations, successfully implemented mass mobilization campaigns, and helped strengthen local political systems.

In addition, Party organizations and chains-of-command of Army Corps 4 have effectively fostered political and law education, heightened the troops’ political stance, and promoted military-civilian ties, contributing to their task performances.

General Luong Cuong (third from right) talks with Army Corps 4's leaders

Addressing the event, General Cuong requested the corps’ Party organizations and chains-of-command to further raise the highest sense of responsibility, maintain internal solidarity, and uphold the role of officers to accomplish assigned tasks.

Moreover, they should focus on the peak of the emulation period in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Whole People's Defense Festive Day and the 75th founding anniversary of the Vietnam People’s Army as well as prepare for and conduct Party congresses at all levels as scheduled.

Translated by Van Hieu