The conference was held to promote cooperation between the two sides in disseminating information about education and training task, scientific study, and healthcare activities of the unit in the PAN’s publications, with the focus on honoring outstanding collectives and individuals, contributing to beautifying the images of Uncle Ho’s soldiers in the current context.

The PAN's delegation visits the Military Medical University.

The signing event also aimed to promote close coordination between the two sides in information dissemination, so as to build the comprehensive strong Military Medical University and PAN, contributing to accomplishing all assigned tasks.

Delegates in a joint photo

Accordingly, the Military Medical University was requested to provide information and create favorable conditions for the PAN’s reporters to come to the facility, exploit documents, and relevant materials to write articles for the PAN publications as regulated by the policies, guidelines and viewpoints of the Party, State, Ministry of National Defense, and the General Department of Political Affairs of the Vietnam People’s Army.

For its part, the PAN needs to direct its troops to regularly exchange information so as to publish information about the university in a timely manner.

Leaders of the two sides sign an agreement on communications cooperation in 2023.

Annually, both sides have a meeting to review their coordination in communications and map out orientations for the following year.

On behalf of the leaders of the two units, Director of the Military Medical University Major General Nguyen Xuan Kien and Editor-in-Chief of the PAN Major General Doan Xuan Bo signed an agreement on communications cooperation in 2023.

Translated by Minh Anh