The evaluation was made by Deputy Commander of Military Region 9 Major General Nguyen Minh Trieu at the military region’s meeting on January 14 with military medical staff, who were deployed to reinforce localities in the southwestern region to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

Outstanding individuals honored at the event

The military region’s deputy chief affirmed that their supports have helped localities gradually contain the pandemic and popularize the beautiful image of Uncle Ho’s soldiers to local people.

At the meeting, Major General Nguyen Minh Trieu mentioned President Ho Chi Minh’s teachings on the close relationship between troops and people and highlighted military medical force’s efforts over the past time. He recalled the days when the whole country in general and southwestern localities in particular strained themselves to contain the pandemic, doctors and nurses from military medical establishments did not hesitate to head to pandemic hotspots. They guided local people to protect themselves from SARS-CoV-2, treated infected people, took care of orphaned children, and buried those who died due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Earlier, since the pandemic in southwestern localities was complicated, the Military Medical University, Military Hospital 354, and Military Hospital 105 sent 171 doctors and nurses to support the localities in the COVID-19 pandemic fight.

On behalf of Military Region 9’s Party Committee and Chain-of-Command, Major General Nguyen Minh Trieu highly appreciated the reinforced military medical staff’s efforts and thanked their families for spiritually supporting and encouraging them to fulfill their missions. 

He expected that after completing the pandemic prevention and control support mission, the military medical staff will continue bringing into play responsibility and virtues of Uncle Ho’s soldiers and apply acquired experience to their future task implementation.

On the occasion, the Military Region 9 Command presented certificates of merit to 18 individuals with outstanding achievements in pandemic prevention and control, three gift packages to three groups of military medical workers, and 171 gifts to the reinforcing doctors and nurses.

Translated by Tran Hoai