The reading week with a wide range of activities aims to promote reading habit and arouse self-study and life-long learning spirit in the community, encourage troops to turn book reading into their habit, as well as create a friendly environment for them to exchange and raise their political and military knowledge, so as to contribute to building a strong military and nation.

The event also affirms the significant role of books in the society and honor book collectors, writers, publishers, and distributors.

At the book exhibition

Accordingly, there will be an exhibition of more than 1,000 publications selected from the Military Library and hundreds of books from military units to give viewers brief information about the history of the nation during national resistance wars against foreign invaders.

In addition, talks held during the week will equip readers with reading methods, so that they will find reading an interesting experience. Visitors will have a chance to receive books from organizers, while children can participate in games.

Over the past years, the Military Library has been active in collecting and preserving publications to meet the studying and entertaining demand of both military and civilian readers.

Translated by Tran Hoai