This is a very difficult technique that has been first performed in Vietnam.

According to Senior Colonel Le Van Thanh, head of the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery of the hospital, the main surgeon of the surgery, after 5 hours of endoscopic surgery, the complete right liver was successfully removed. This is considered one of the most complicated operation techniques using laparoscopy, requiring a high level of experience coupled with modern and synchronous equipment.

The liver transplant is successful.

Dr. Thanh added that this technique brings many benefits for a liver donor such as reduced postoperative pain thanks to less invasive intervention in comparison with that is caused by open surgery, faster recovery time, and high aesthetics.

The liver donor with normal liver function was discharged from the hospital after six days since the surgery. Meanwhile, the recipient’s transplanted liver is functioning properly after ten days. The recipient now eats well, walks and does other personal activities by himself.

In the world, just a few hepatobiliary and liver transplant centers in developed countries such as the U.S.A., Japan, the Republic of Korea, and other European countries are able to perform endoscopic surgery to remove liver from a living donor.

In Vietnam, nine centers nationwide are capable of conducting liver transplant with more than 300 patients having undergone this treatment method.

Though Central Military Hospital 108 started liver transplant 4 years ago, it has the most recipients of liver transplant from living donors in Vietnam with 91 patients. 

Therefore, the first successful application of endoscopic surgery to remove liver from living donors at Central Military Hospital 108 has recorded a new step forward in the field of liver transplant, contributing to improving the professional qualification in organ transplant in Vietnam and opened up the prospect of saving the lives of critically ill patients, continuing to bring healthy lives to many patients.

Central Military Hospital 108 plans to increase the number of cases of liver transplant to 100-150 from current 40-50 per year.

Translated by Mai Huong