PANO – A high-ranking military delegation, led by Major-General Phan Van Giang, the Deputy-Chief-of-the-General Staff, has paid working visits to the Radar Stations 29 and Son Tra, under the Division 375 and High Command of Naval Zone 3, respectively.

During the visits, the delegates inspected the units’ combat readiness human resources, weapons and equipment to ensure that the units are capable enough to fulfill newly assigned tasks.

Having been briefed of the units situation, Major-General Phan Van Giang affirmed that the protection of the national airspace and waters includes detecting, monitoring and managing targets in sky and at sea in accordance with international and national laws and the radar stations should work precisely to avoid unfortunate accidents and stop enemies from violating our territory, airspace and waters.

Besides, Major-General Giang also asked the troops to improve their skills and political knowledge to be qualified enough to fulfill assigned tasks.

Translated by Thuy Hang