At the ceremony hosted by the Women’s Association of the Ministry of Public Security, Senior Lieutenant General To Lam, Politburo member and Minister of Public Security, lauded the association and generations of its members for their achievements since its establishment 35 years ago (March 8, 1983).

General Lam asked the association to further promote its role of representing, taking care of and protecting legitimate rights of public security women, actively making recommendations to higher levels so as to make the work for women effective, and to realize the Party’s and State’s resolutions and policies on gender equity and for the advancement of women.

The association was also requested to renovate its operation contents and forms, strongly develop the organizing structure, and be the lead in popularizing, educating, boosting solidarity and making advantages of public security women’s potentials, strength and creativeness in all fields, contributing to successful fulfillment of the missions to defend national security, ensure social order and safety and to build a strong and healthy public security force.

Authorized by the State President, General Lam presented the First-class Fatherland Protection Order to the association on its 30th founding anniversary (March 8).

Senior Lieutenant General Le Chiem (C) handing over the First-class Fatherland Protection Order to the Military Women’s Board

* In his speech at the ceremony organized by the Military Women’s Board, Senior Lieutenant General Le Chiem, member of the Party Central Committee and Deputy Defense Minister, praised servicewomen and the Military Women’s Board for their outstanding achievements over the past 25 years.

Reportedly, military women have been involved in all working aspects throughout the country. They have heightened the tradition “Heroism, Unyieldingness, Loyalty and Responsibilities,” promoted solidarity, creativeness to accomplish all assigned missions, deserving to be Uncle Ho’s soldiers, making active contributions to building a revolutionary, regular, elite and gradually modernized military and to safeguarding the Fatherland.

Over the past five years, five groups and two individuals have won the Vietnamese Women’s Award, six other groups and individuals won the Creative Women Award, two groups won Kovalevskaya Award and thousands of members were praised and awarded.

Urging military women to exert all-out efforts, improve advisory role, and implement renovation solutions to match their activities with real situations in a deeper, more effective and practical manner, General Chiem hope that the servicewomen deserve the trust of the Central Military Commission, the Ministry of National Defense, the General Department of Politics and troops in the whole military.

* On the same day, at a get-together, a number of activities comprehensively-implemented by women, and effective operation models of Military Region 7’s women’s association were highlighted. The outcomes have helped improve the material and spiritual life of the association’s members, inspire them to fulfill all assigned missions and build happy families.

In the coming time, women’s associations at all levels will embrace and well implement all resolutions and directives from higher levels, pay due attention to fostering women officials, create favorable conditions for them to develop their talent and boost coordination with other organizations to launch more practical programs and movements.

* At the gathering hosted by the Naval Region 3 Command, women delegates were entertained with typical artistic items featuring the tradition of Vietnamese women in different periods, especially at the time when the country is pushing up industrialization and modernization as well as in praise of the love for the motherland.

At the meeting, the women association’s members joined a flower arranging contest, a fruit tray decoration competition and an Ao dai (Vietnamese traditional long dress) show.

* At ceremonies at the Army Corps 2 Military School and Military Hospital 17 under the Logistics Department of Military Region 5, members of women’s associations of the two units reminisced about the tradition “Heroism, Unyieldingness, Loyalty, Responsibilities” of the Vietnamese military women, and reviewed their last year’s task performance.

Translated by Mai Huong