After the three-month training season, the acquired knowledge and skills have motivated the recruits to feel more confident to start a new journey.

Enlisted into the military for about a month, Private Tran Thanh Sang from Tay Son district (Binh Dinh province), a soldier of Platoon 3 (Company 5), collapsed when he heard the terrible news that his older sister suddenly passed away.

A new soldier confidently performs contents of the “three-explosions” test.

With the close attention and encouragement of the Party Committee, commanders and comrades, Sang gradually went through the pain, trained hard days and nights to accomplish all assigned missions. Completing the training season for new recruits, he achieved excellent results in “three-explosions,” political, logistic and technical tests. He became a shining example for other young soldiers.

Private Rmah Giao, a soldier of Platoon 9 (Company 7), is a member of Gia Rai ethnic people in Phu Thien district (Gia Lai province). Although he is quite tall and agile, on his first days in the military, he was always self-deprecating when performing the skill of throwing grenades. After training hard to increase his physical strength and receiving wholehearted support from the head of the squad, his skill was improved greatly.

Obtaining an excellent result in the “three-explosions” test, and being a familiar face in art exchange programs, Private Nguyen Hong Thu from Tay Son district, Binh Dinh, a soldier of Platoon 9, was honored to be chosen in the list of outstanding individuals to read ten Oaths of Honor of soldiers of the Vietnam People’s Army during the swearing-in ceremony for new enlistees the next month.

Colonel Bui Duy Hung congratulates outstanding soldiers with excellent shooting results.

According to Colonel Bui Duy Hung, Political officer of Battalion 3, during the past three months, new recruits overcame the harsh weather conditions, heightened their responsibilities and trained hard days and nights to promote their political stance, and raise their combat readiness competence, fulfilling all assignments. All of them gained good and excellent results in the “three-explosions” test and other contents.

He added that the school will honor outstanding individuals with excellent training results in the swearing-in ceremony for new recruits in June.

In the gentle sunlight, the resounding and generous voice of Private Nguyen Hong Thu made participants feel proud of the new enlistees’ growth.

Translated by Quynh Oanh