According to the reports delivered at the event, the General Staff has over the past time followed situational developments and made good recommendations, helping the Party and State issue sound guidelines and policies on military-defense missions in combination with socio-economic development. The General Staff also instructed units and agencies to seriously maintain combat readiness, grasp the situations in the airspace, along the borderline, on islands and at seas and on cyberspace, deal with arising issues in a timely manner and coordinate with other forces to ensure security and safety for domestic political events as well as for international events held in Vietnam.

General Phan Van Giang speaking at the event

The General Staff also seriously implemented the Politburo’s decision on organizing the Vietnam People’s Army by 2021 and building an elite and strong army, decisions and resolutions of the Central Military Commission (CMC) and Defense Ministry on weaponry and military equipment for the Vietnam People’s Army by 2025 and CMC’s resolution on raising the quality of military training in the 2012-2020 period and the years to come.

Under the General Staff’s instruction, all defense agencies and military units paid much attention to professional and physical training, contributing to raising the quality of exercises and training, especially training of recruits.

The reports emphasized that military schools have recorded various achievements in training and education and military enrollment in 2019. All military education and training institutions have effectively carried out the strategy for military education and training development in the 2011-2020 period and developed projects on renewing training programs to meet mission requirements in the new period.

In the first half of this year, more than 39,000 active-duty troops and militiamen and over 735 military vehicles participated in search and rescue missions, stamping out forest fires and helping local people overcome consequences of natural disasters.

At the conference

Addressing the conference, General Giang highlighted defense agencies and military units’ achievements in their task performances since the beginning of 2019. Significantly, they actively developed and practiced combat readiness scenarios, organized personnel in line with requirement military missions as well as applied innovations to task implementation.

He also clarified some major directions for staff work of the military in the coming time with a focus on maintaining military training in line with the reality, practicing combat readiness scenarios, promoting coordination with other forces and localities to protect national security and ensure public order and security, and devising new methods to raise the quality of enlistment work.

He assigned relevant agencies and units to note down ideas and proposals at the conference to submit to higher levels, so as to create favorable conditions for agencies and units to fulfill all assigned missions.

At the conference, delegates also pointed out shortcomings that need to be addressed immediately as well as put forward guidelines and measures to successfully fulfill13 key missions in the last six months of the year.

Translated by Tran Hoai