Briefed on the military and defense task performance of the provincial armed forces, Gen. Nam and the mission inspected all aspects of training and combat readiness of units in Ly Son island district. 

Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Phuong Nam welcomed on Ly Son Island

Stationed on the far-off and densely-populated island of Ly Son, local military units and units direct under the Ministry of National Defense strictly implemented assigned missions, patroled and well executed their combat readiness plans in accordance with orders from higher levels.

The mission inspects Air Defense Artillery Battalion 70.

The units also advised local Party committees and authorities to conduct military and defence work in an efficient manner to ensure political safety and social security, creating favorable conditions for the district to promote economic development, culture and tourism.

After the inspection, Gen. Nam asked the leaders of the District Military Command and units on Ly Son Island to overcome shortcomings which the mission had pointed out, conduct training in accordance with the real context, improve the versatility and coordination of different forces, enhance cooperation and coordination between Ly Son-based units and units of the Vietnam Coast Guard, the Vietnam Border Guard and the Vietnam Peoplecs Navy, and promptly report situations to the higher levels. The units were also asked to promote coordination with the local authorities and people to build a safe and sustainable district.

Earlier, the mission visited and inspected the combat readiness  status of the Quang Nam provincial Military Command and Cu Lao Cham island commune, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province.

Translated by Trong Dat – Nguyet Minh