At the event, the host reported on its leadership over the military and defense work performance in the first six months of this year and mission orientation in the last months of the year.

At the working session

In particular, in the first half of the year, the Party committees and chains-of-command of the Naval Service and its affiliates always promoted solidarity, showed responsibility, closely followed situations, and directed the comprehensive implementation of all duties, resulting in outstanding achievements in several tasks.

They advised CMC and the Ministry of National Defense (MND) to work out policies to strongly safeguard national sovereignty over sea and islands and maritime economic activities. They organized delegations to visit and inspect units in Truong Sa island district, in Khanh Hoa province and DK1 platforms on the southern continental shelf of the country as planned. In addition, under their direction, units enhanced training quality, force-regularity building, and discipline observance.

Notably, leadership capacity and combat strength of party committees at all levels and quality of party members were improved remarkably. 

Together with stable business and production operations, units actively and flexibly strengthened defense diplomacy, ensured logistics and technical services for routine and unscheduled missions.

On behalf of the Standing Board of the CMC and leaders of the MND, and the GDP, General Cuong acknowledged and praised the Naval Service’s Party Committee, Chain-of-Command, troops, and employees for their attainments in the past.

Apart from clarifying major tasks for the last months of this year, General Cuong asked the Standing Board of the Naval Service’s Party Committee to direct the service’s affiliated agencies and units to closely team with relevant forces, keep a close watch on situational developments, give recommendations to the CMC and MND to deal with contingencies to avoid being put in a passive position.

The permanent member of the CMC also urged the whole service to maintain forces taking on combat readiness duties to be deployed on request while concentrating on improving training quality, keeping forces and vehicle on standby for disease and disaster prevention and control, search and rescue tasks.

Renovation in political education, management of troops’ thought, effective implementation of Party and political work in carrying out key duties of training, combat readiness, exercises, sport festival participation, force-regularity building are what the service needs to do, according to General Cuong’s request.

Also at the working session, General Cuong noted other important tasks for the second half, including the expansion of activities on Party building and rectification, introduction and realization of the CMC’s Resolution No.847 on promoting Uncle Ho’s soldiers’ virtues, resolutely fighting against individualism in the new situation in a more diverse, creative, and flexible form. Additionally, they should focus on building strong and healthy party cells, and comprehensive, exemplary, typical strong units, and excellently achieving all assignments.

Translated by Mai Huong