General Luong Cuong presents Tet gifts to severely-wounded and sick soldiers.

Extending Tet greetings and presenting Tet gifts to wounded and sick soldiers, officials and employees of the center, General Cuong highlighted their strong belief in life and will power despite wounds, diseases and difficulties.

The GDP chief wished the center’s staff to bring into play the center’s traditions to better the care for wounded and sick soldiers.

While checking combat readiness at the Military Region 2 (MR2) Command, General Cuong hailed MR2’s party committee and chain-of-command for seriously implementing military and defense tasks and directing their affiliates to accomplish their missions. 

The GDP's chief addresses the meeting with MR2 Command.

He urged the command and its affiliates to achieve higher results this year, ensure absolute safety in the areas where they are stationed, pay due attention to on-duty troops in remote and mountainous areas and carry out gratitude activities.

At the Military Command of Phu Tho province, General Cuong congratulated the unit on its outcomes last year and asked the local armed forces to strictly embrace higher levels’ directives and regulations on combat readiness and organization of lunar New Year celebrations for troops in a cozy, healthy, safe, and economical manner.

The local armed forces were also urged to concentrate on carrying out recruitment with high quality and strict COVID-19 control observance.

General Luong Cuong presents Tet gifts to troops of Phu Tho provincial Military Command and provincial Public Security Department.

On this occasion, General Cuong presented Tet gifts to troops of Phu Tho provincial Military Command, provincial Public Security Department, Military Hospital 109 and over 300 other gifts to local policy beneficiaries, national contributors, and workers in need.

Expressing his delight at the outstanding achievements gained by Division 316 of Military Region 2, the GDP chief requested the unit to well carry out combat readiness, follow developments of local situations, make precise forecasts of situations, improve command and response capability, and build strong and healthy party committee.

Attentively, at each stop in Phu Tho province, General Cuong asked units to enhance party building and rectification, promote good virtues of Uncle Ho’s soldiers, strengthen internal solidarity, observe military discipline and units’ regulations, team with local relevant forces to fight against hostile forces’ acts of sabotage and build strong people’s heart-and-mind disposition.

Translated by Mai Huong