Extending New Year greetings to the Army Corps 4 Command and Engineering Brigade 550 of Army Corps 4, Lieutenant General Trinh Van Quyet, Deputy Chief of the GDP, highly praised Army Corps 4’s achievements, especially in COVID-19 prevention and control work.

Lieutenant General Trinh Van Quyet (front, right) visits the Army Corps 4 Command.

General Quyet asked the corps to heighten spirit of pro-activeness, strictly observe combat readiness duties and military discipline, effectively manage troops, vehicles and materiel.

Together with ensuring diverse Tet activities for troops, the corps should pay due attention to caring for troops’ families, especially needy ones. After the Tet holiday, the corps should focus on training new recruits and building comprehensively-strong unit, the GDP’s deputy chief added.

General Quyet presents gifts to Army Corps 4.

While visiting Regiment 213 of Division 363 of the Air Defense – Air Force Service, Senior Lieutenant General Do Can, the GDP’s deputy chief, expressed his belief that the unit will bring into play its tradition of being awarded the title ‘Hero of the people’s armed forces’ twice. General Can urged them to surmount difficulties, strive to complete all duties, and make thorough preparation for Tet celebrations.

Senior Lieutenant General Do Can (third from left) presents gifts to the Military Region 5 Command.

As the lunar New Year is drawing nearer, General Can extended Tet greetings and presented gifts to the unit’s troops.

The same day, General Can visited Military Region 5 Command and representative offices of GDP’s affiliates in Da Nang city, during which he highlighted their task performance and asked them to closely follow situational developments, improve quality of information dissemination, and effectively carry out their major political tasks.

Also on January 20, a delegation from the GS, led by Deputy Chief of the GS Lieutenant General Ngo Minh Tien, inspected combat readiness at Regiment 2 of Division 395 of Army Corps 3 and the Bac Ninh provincial Military Command. General Tien hailed their gains over the past time and asked the two units to promote what they have achieved, boost patrols, ensure a cozy, safe Tet for troops with high sense of combat readiness.

Later in the day, Lieutenant General Phung Si Tan, Deputy Chief of the GS, presented Tet gifts to the Vietnam Veterans’ Association Central Committee.

At the meeting with the unit, General Tan reviewed outstanding outcomes of the GS in training, combat readiness, and COVID-19 fight. He wished all members of the Vietnam Veterans’ Association Central Committee health, happiness and hoped that veterans will preserve good virtues of Uncle Ho’s soldiers and give more opinions to the military to construct and defend the Fatherland.

Translated by Mai Huong