The event was chaired by Director of the General Department of Political Affairs (GDP) General Luong Cuong and attended by GDP Deputy Director Lieutenant General Trinh Van Quyet and Deputy Chief of the General Staff Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Nghia.

General Luong Cuong chairs the meeting.

At the meeting, members of the Emulation and Commendation Council gave opinions to a draft report, which reviews the emulation work in 2022 and kicks off plans for 2023, and other relevant matters.

Speaking at the meeting, General Luong Cuong highly valued activities of the Emulation and Commendation Council over the past year, particularly launching the 2022 “Determined to win” emulation drive in the whole military, building the revised Law on Emulation and Commendation, and so on.

The GDP Director affirmed that the whole-military emulation drive has been implemented comprehensively with numerous initiatives in line with the “Learning and following President Ho Chi Minh’s thought, morality and lifestyle” movement, the higher levels’ instructions and other emulation activities nationwide.

An overview of the event

General Luong Cuong required members of the Emulation and Commendation Council to discuss and map out suitable solutions to implement the “Determined to win” emulation drive effectively in the whole military, contributing to improving the effectiveness of the military-defense task performance.

He also asked the permanent organ of the Emulation and Commendation Council to collect opinions of delegates at the meeting and complete documents to report to the Central Military Commission.

Translated by Trung Thanh