Sr. Lt. Gen. Do Can assigns tasks to the Military Command of Co To district.

While visiting, inspecting, and extending New Year wishes to Co To district’s Military Command, Gen. Can highly appreciated the unit’s obtained results in 2021 as well as its preparation for the upcoming lunar New Year 2022. He asked the unit’s Party Committee and Chain-of-Command to continue embracing and strictly carrying out directives, resolutions, and guidance on military and defense missions.

In addition, the unit should promote education to augment troops’ awareness of maintaining combat readiness duties during the lunar New Year and raise their firm political stance to undertake and fulfill all assigned missions as well as pay attention to taking care of troops and their families. Ensuring logistic and technical services for combat readiness missions during the lunar New Year holiday should be paid attention to, said General Can.

The GDP's deputy chief presents Tet gifts to Co To district Border Post.

During the visit to Co To district Border Post, General Can praised its fruitful outcomes in 2021 and asked the unit to coordinate with other forces to protect security in marine border areas, especially during the lunar New Year holiday.

Expressing his belief that troops of the Border Post of Co To district will effectively bring into play traditions of a Hero of the People’s Armed Force unit, the deputy political chief asked the unit’s Party Committee and Chain-of-Command to raise leadership capabilities to contribute to building an island district with strong economy and firm defense and security disposition.

At Co To Island Battalion and Brigade 242, General Can emphasized that together with ensuring combat readiness, the units should cooperate with other forces to embrace situational developments in border areas, airspace, at sea, on the mainland to deal with circumstances in a timely manner, contributing to ensuring local political security and public orders during the lunar New Year.

Sr. Lt. Gen. Do Can offers incense at President Ho Chi Minh’s Monument.

Amid the complicated developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, Brigade 242 should prepare facilities and take synchronous measures to prevent the pandemic as regulated. In addition, it should practice scenarios and prepare personnel, weapons, equipment, and vehicles for training and combat readiness missions and unexpected tasks. 

On the occasion, Senior Lieutenant General Do Can and the visiting delegation offered incense at President Ho Chi Minh’s Monument, visited President Ho Chi Minh’s commemorative house on Co To Island, and extended New Year wishes to the Party and People’s Committees of Co To district and Brigade 242.

Translated by Tran Hoai